Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bloodbowl returns

Well 2017 is upon us and the Gamesworkshop has dusted itself down and finally rediscovered Bloodbowl! I purchased the new box set before Christmas and like an excited child enjoyed the whole 'unboxing' experience.

The pitch is a lot bigger and the models are set on larger bases. I think this is a good thing as it is easier to place the ball on the base. A practical thing but useful none the less.

The dice are cool but I must admit that having a Bloodbowl symbol as the six on the D6 dice means that I often pick them up instead of Block dice and I find that annoying. I have taken to splitting the colours so that I use the green Block dice and then the Blue D6 dice. It feels wrong but it is a practical solution.
Human Catcher
I love the human models. I have started to paint the team and I am enjoying finding all the lovely detail especially around the hands and straps and stuff.

The new models just clip together, no need for glue. It seems to work really well. I must admit to being disappointed by the Ork models tough.

Ork models

They are all a bit bulky and they are leaning over and there is a bit too much armour plating. Now I am an Ork at heart but I just can't seem to light any enthusiasm for them. Maybe they will grow on me but ..... there's not enough Ork for me.

Locally there is an increase in the number of people showing interest in playing. We may have 6-8 people which would be amazing so we are considering setting up a league or mini tournament. I also bought the Supplement and as we leafed through it last night we noticed that a number of the traditional teams are not present. The Amazons are a prime example.

Myself and the Dark Templar had a short game just to get back into rules and stuff and it wasn't long before we were remembering how much we love the game. I played the human team, from the box, and the Dark Templar played his Dark Elves. A human victory, 2-1 but really it was about re-learning the rules and boy did we make some mistakes. Bring on 2017 and some serious Bloodbowl fun.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cybork Body - Assembled

Well now an evening with the 'bits box' has been productive indeed.

Cybork Body
I thought I might struggle to find an 'iron gob' having used a lot of them already but then I remembered the Nobs from Gorka Morka, the metal ones. One of the models comes with an 'iron gob' in-situ. I really wanted a head with a neck because the model only offered a flat spot between the shoulders, old style. So it worked well.

I used one of the Big Choppa's from the current Nob sprue. It is a two handed weapon so I cut and filed the second hand so that it was just a cube. I love this weapon and get little chance to include it in the army.

I added a back pack containing a gun and the Squig will give the model a little more height as well as adding to the overall fun.

I found some metal plates which I added to the front and laid a Stikkbomb across it. Always good to have one of these to hand.

I found some very Orky tusks and stuck them to the front and finally I added a space wolf back pack to the base.

All in all I am pleased with the result and looking forward to getting some paint on him.

May he rule supreme. I need to think of a name for him. All suggestions welcome ;-)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cybork Body - The Project

Some time back we play tested the latest Warhammer 40k rules and it was an excuse for me to get my Orks from the garage and throw them into a new fight. It was all very exciting stuff and an old friend from our tournament days paid us a visit, Sean Howells. Sean is an Ork through and through and at times as 'mad as a box of frogs' and I mean this in the best possible way.

He very kindly gifted me a piece of inspiration and it has been waiting for an introduction to the infamous Flavin 'bits box'.

I give you the Cybork Body - Howells style!

Cybork front view

Cybork side view left

Cybork rear view
I told you 'mad as a box of frogs'! It can be hard to make out but it is essentially Mad Doc Grotsnik  torso mounted onto a Necron body on an Ork Warbuggy set of treads. There are a couple of grots on the back with some home made bombs. There is no head, the powerklaw is busted, he needs a weapon in his left hand and then some liberal 'bits' from the 'box'. A fine project to be sure.

Now I also need to tie him into my own army.

I really like the powerklaw. It looks like he is giving the world the big old single digit. (F.U.) I think he needs an 'Iron Gob' and then a brute of a weapon, Big Choppa style and then what ever else I can find. I will need to work a gun in there too. I just love the idea of him.

Mr Howells I salute you and I hope to make you proud.

So to work .....

To be continued .....

Monday, 1 August 2016

The Gathering - Zombicide Black Plague

So next weekend is the first proper 'games day' for a while and Zombicide Black Plague is on the menu. A mouth watering adventure and we plan to play the newly released electronic scenarios. There will be three of us and plan is for each member to bring at least two painted survivors. Michael at 28mm Victorian Warfare is generously opening 'Awdry Towers' for the event and has been busily preparing Klom the Barbarian as his first survivor. He has done a stunning job on this amazing miniature. Well done sir!

My initial thoughts were to bring Redcap Rodney and Nelly the barmaid.

Redcap Rodney

Redcap Rodney is a Fatty killer for sure with his +1 damage and has proved to be a great addition early in the game. I have been trying to open at least two doors in the first turn and this reveals many rooms worth of zombies. All will be moving towards the survivors who are poorly equipped until they start searching. The first aim is to clear a square that will allow others to search and pray for some decent weapons. Redcap can handle a fatty even with his starting weaponry and this has been required on more than one occasion.

Nelly the Barmaid

Nelly is a speed merchant and I have been using her to open the more distant door. She can retreat to join the others. Her added mobility can often be needed to give much needed support or to hold a position and then run when required.

All in all I think that they should play well together and I am looking forward to giving them a try.

Friday, 29 July 2016

40k in 40 minutes - First thoughts

And so it has come to pass that 40k has awakened. It is like a sleeping dog that we just can't let lie.

We have decided to have a few games of 40k in 40 minutes but going back to the fourth edition rules. We much preferred them to the current incarnation. It should be a blast.

The basics: -
1. Patrols of no more than 400 points
2. You must have one Troop choice
3. You may have one HQ but no more
4. You may spend the remaining points on anything in the codex
5. No character can have more than 2 wounds
6. No special characters
7. No 2+ saves
8. Vehicles have a max armour of 33
9. No deep strike
10. Scouts are allowed
11. 6 turn game
12. Set-up first = goes first

The game is played on a 3x4 board with 18" to 24' gap between the forces. The battle is a fire fight. When a patrol takes 50% casualties then Leadership tests are required based on the commanders leadership. If the test is failed then the patrol breaks and loses the encounter.

The patrol that does the most damage in points wins.

It all seems nice and easy.

Now I have a fair few armies to choose from. I have a Khorne, Slaanessh, my Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Sisters of Battle and of course my beloved Orks.

Some of the models have not seen the light of day for years but after some consideration I am drawn to the Orks. Was it ever in doubt?

Our plan is develop three separate lists for each army. Each list to be themed. We will then roll off to see which patrols are involved in the encounter.

The first issue is to find the rule book and appropriate codex. The first of many trips to the garage....

Ork Codex
So lets get down to business. 400 points is not a lot to play with. I guess the starting position needs to be a review of the Troop section as this is manditory.

For Orks this is easy. There are only two choices Ork Boyz or Gretchin (unless its a Speed Freak army)

I am thinking that with only 400 points this unit needs to be able to dish out some damage and so I am lead to Da Boyz.

Da Boyz


The Boyz cost 6 points each. The smallest allowable unit is 10 so that would make 60 points. Then the decisions start. Seems reasonable to put a Nob in there so that is +10 points ,with a Bosspole (always for the re-roll on morale) +5 points, and then Power Klaw +25 points. So a standard unit of Boyz for 100 points.

I could go for a 'foot slogger' approach and max out on Boyz and run them across the board. That would be 40 Boyz with four Nobs.

Heavy Support

Killa Kans have an armour value of just 32 (less than the 33 limit) and could be an option to support a foot slogger approach. At 35 points each I could easily have three or maybe even six. I could keep them cheap and give them Skorchas at +5 points.  I would still have 20 Boyz.


For added mobility and if there are less than 12 in the unit, I can stick the Boyz in a Fast, Open-topped Trukk for 35 points. The Trukk total armour is 30 and so less than the 33 threshold. This can be good as mobile terrain and it comes with a Big Shoota. Grot Riggers +5 points.

Ork Trukk
Heavy Support

I could even take a Looted Vehicle which has slightly more armour at 32. 11 Front and Sides. It is not Fast though. I could forego the transport and stick a Boomgun or Skorcha in it though.  How funny would that be.

 Fast Attack

There are some wonderful options here and all are wonderfully cheap. There are Bikes and Buggies and Koptas. All superb options and present individual targets as unit sizes of 1 are allowed. The cost ranges from 25 - 35 points each.


So many choices. I always loved the Burna Boyz and they all come with Burnas so no need to worry about the BS 5. Lootas are great too for some top line fire power. I could even contemplate a unit of Nobs at only 20 points each!

The nice thing here is that smaller unit sizes starting at 5 models are allowable. A nice way to give a bit of 'kick' to the patrol.


No special characters and no one with more than 2 wounds. These are big limitations. It leaves me with a Big Mek or Weirdboy as my options. The Big Mek is cheap at 35 points and then there are options as to tooling him up, depending on the the remainder of the force.

The Shokk Attack Gun is always a bit of fun. How about the Kustom Force Field? Oh yes there are many decisions to be made. Lots of possible combinations.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Ba Boom

Mizar was nervous. They had come a long way and were getting close to the exit. The day had started badly with the death of Lord Falstaff. Yes, yes a lack of concentration and a wayward Inferno Blast, but these things happen. Mizar steadied the group. He sensed danger behind the closed door.

"Now can we be clear - who has the Dragon Bile and who has the Torch? We will only get one shot at this"

The gathering menace
"One, two, three". Boom, and the door shattered. The Dragon Bile was tossed forward and Mizar lit it up with his Flaming Great Sword before diving for cover. Whoosh, and the very air seemed to burn.

Mizar peeked his head around the corner. It had worked. The way was clear and the exit in sight.

Mizar has become my first Ultrared Survivor. He levelled into he orange twice, thereby picking up the second upgrade. That is 43 + 20 kills in one game!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wulfsburg - the beginning

Yes, I finally got myself into a position to play. I didn't want to use unpainted Survivor models so I set myself the task of researching and painting a survivor crew.

First Wulfsburg Crew
As I have been discussing earlier in this blog, my first choices were Mizar, Redcap Rodney, Genevieve, Nelly and Lord Arnaud. This left me with one spot to fill. In the end I went for Lord Falstaff. He is very much Melee oriented and I liked the movement benefit granted by Bloodlust: Melee in that he can charge up to two zones to end up in a zone with zombies. He then has a free combat action.

My group had a free Search thanks to Arnaud, additional Movement through Nelly, heavy hitting with Redcap Rodney and Genevieve both of whom have +1 damage, a free +1 magic action with Mizar and a crazed charging zombie killer in Falstaff.

The opening quest is Welcome to Wulfsburgh. A six tile encounter that also uses the new Tower tile. Survivors on this tile have additional visibility. Good to give cover fire to other Survivors. Its like a bit of sniper overwatch.

The new weapons look cool and do a lot more damage. I was looking forward to trying them out.

Welcome to Wulfsburg
It had been a while and I really enjoyed getting back into Zombicide. My crew proved to be very effective indeed. The first Necromancer spawned and was trapped behind a closed door. He was therefore one of the last models to be dealt with and so took the Necromancer rule out of game 1. The Fatties were no match for my Survivors. Even with basic weapons I was able to handle them with the +1 damage benefit from Redcap Rodney and Genevieve. I just love Redcap Rodney. Looks cool on the board and dishes out serious amounts of damage.

The new Wolfz are a menace. They have three Actions and as such they can be awkward when coming at you through a crowd. They also tend to arrive in packs of 3-4.

The new weapons are amazing and it wasn't long before I felt properly 'tooled up' and invincible.

I didn't use the Tower at all, I just blasted my way through the board. High death rates had me in the Orange level and heading quickly towards Red. It was fine though. I felt able to handle the pressure.

The game feels very different. Lots more weapons and much higher levels of damage.

This is the introductory game and is probably giving me a false sense of security. I intend to run it a few more times just so that I become familiar with all the new weapons and stuff. Very enjoyable though.

Looking forward to meeting some of the new big bad boys. But that will be further down the line.